White Background “Amazon” Product Photography

The Amazon influence

By issuing and enforcing strict image guidelines, companies like Amazon have made white background product photography the norm in online advertising.  Consumers continuously see products shown against a white background and are now used to seeing products advertised in this way, so it is important for your products to look their best in this format too.  Many other commercial selling platforms (Ebay, Etsy etc.) have either adopted the white background product photograph format. Sellers now naturally use the format as its what customers expect.

Brown-leather-washbag-on-a -white-background

Getting the best from White Background product Photography

Pure white background product photography should bring out the best features of your product (we’ll discuss with you what you see as your products’ best features so we can be sure to  emphasise them).

Careful control of the products’ position in relation to the camera, optimal light positioning and the use of a range of micro reflectors and light modifiers allows us close control of shadows and reflections which we can manipulate to clearly show textures and shapes and are essential to make your products look their absolute best.  You probably chose the colours used in your products quite carefully and these need to be faithfully reproduced in the final image.  By using colour calibrated processes we ensure your final images are as close to the original product colours as possible.


A subtle reflection underneath your product can add a feel of quality and solidity to the image.  This effect, pioneered by Apple computers is something we are able to reproduce if appropriate and can really make your images and therefore products stand out from the crowd.

Keeping it clean

Nothing shouts poor quality louder than dust and dirt showing on your product or its background. Dust and dirt is really important to control in white background product photography as the slightest blemish is often immediately noticeable. We ensure that the set and the product are physically as clean as possible during the shoot and we also check the images in Adobe Photoshop, using its extensive tools to provide a clean product photo.


The copyright of my photos moves to the client upon final payment.  The images shown below are reproduced with the copyright holders consent.