Brochure Websites

Brochure Website Development

For a small or medium sized business that does not sell products directly via the internet, the purpose of a website in many cases can be thought of as an “always available” Company Brochure, that you can easily direct people to.   A physical brochure presents your business in the way you want it represented, your text, your photos, your design, your logos, in essence, your Brand.  A Brochure Website can do all that……and much more.

Imagine reprinting and mailing out a new brochure every time you want to make customers and potential customers aware of new products or delete old products etc.  Yes that would be expensive and time consuming.  With a brochure website, there’s no reprinting and no postage, the website is simply updated with new material and an alert emailed to your customers, all very cost effective and timely.  A brochure website can be as large as you need it, from one page that shows core information to multi page sites that cover in depth different aspects of your business.

A Brochure Website goes beyond paper

Because a brochure website can be dynamic, things like changes to your opening times or your latest news items can carried out cheaply and simply.  There are other benefits too, for example, its possible to see how many people visit your website, and to see which pages/products they find most interesting, you can’t do that with old print brochures.

You might have a map of your location in a paper brochure if your business operates locally,  we can do better and add a map to your website, except this map will show not just your location but how far you will travel to a job, is zoomable and can show pictures of your premises too.  The added bonus is that your business will begin to show in Google when potential customers in your location search for services and products like yours.

So talk to us today about putting your business on the Internet, starting at a level that you are comfortable with but with the flexibility to grow and adapt in the directions that are best for you.  Check out our “how we work” page to see more.