Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

The target subjects of business photography are unlimited and can include premises (inside and outside), activities (production, meetings, etc.), people carrying out activities (production line, management team meeting for example) or products made by the business etc.  Changes to business premises, new buildings, new sites or re-branding are also opportunities to capture important phases for posterity. As businesses vary in size and scale, it is natural that their business photography requirement will change too.  We may be on location for 1-2 days for a large client with multi sites, or just half a day for a smaller business.
Photo-of web-and-photo-services-images-on-a-trade-show-stand
Our photography adorning a trade stand.

Preparation for successful Business Photography shoots.

We aim to ensure that our client gets the most out of our time by thinking about carefully about their business and its “image” and the photos that would support and strengthen it.  This may include a pre-shoot site visit and tour, often as photographers we will “see” things that business owners have become blind to over time, but which their customers may pick up on and which may not convey the right message.  We’ll also discuss shots at this time and the need for any site changes (i.e. cleaner HiViz jackets, rubbish bins emptied, personal items removed, even unwanted things that may be seen through windows etc).  The aim is not to falsely represent your business, but show it a its best.

Brochure or poster?

As mentioned before, how the photograph will be used, will often influence the shots that are needed, so its important for us to understand what you want to portray and how it will be used.  Wall art for example needs to be striking and creative, whereas a shot of your premises for a corporate website needs to be factual and accurate.

Free initial consultation.

Since the photography needs for your business project can be so diverse we offer to discuss your initial thoughts by telephone at no charge. This can help solidify your thoughts. If you feel comfortable with us and your project after this initial discussion, we’ll prepare a brief for the project so you know we understand what you want and what we will deliver.  You may still choose to use a different photographer, but would hopefully still find a chat useful. Click here to use our contact form to get in touch, or give us a call on 07456 923239