Business Image Bank

It’s a visual World!

In today’s world, images and photos are everywhere.  Social media, Websites, Brochures, Press Releases,  Internal Communications etc all have an insatiable need for engaging visuals.  However, many businesses have a dire shortage of good quality photography representing their activities, sites, staff and products.

Usually this leads to the same old images being used again and again, often the images may be out of date, non representative and only just “better than nothing”.

Failing that, one part of the business may engage a photographer for a specific shoot, which will generate a set of photos for that area only.  Better than nothing but not great and not cost effective either.

You could of course buy stock photography, but in this day and age, people want to see your business, your people, your locations, not super glossy models in perfect situations.

If the above sounds familiar, is this really how your company should represent itself in this intensely visual age?

I’ve worked with a number of large businesses to pictorially document their businesses and business activities over several days and locations, so that they then have a fresh “Image Bank” of high quality, relevant and bespoke imagery to fill their photographic needs.

Over the course of the photo-shoots, several hundred to thousands of images will be captured, edited and can be key-worded (for easy retrieval) if required.

The images can vary from straight forward “Record” shots to “Fine Art” works suitable for premises decoration or Trade stands.  please note the above images are small for copyright reasons, my thanks to PD Hook.

How I work

I charge an agreed day rate plus travel expenses if needed, and I work with a nominated representative from your business that can ensure I get in to the right areas to deliver the shots you need.  All images will be supplied digitally and will be processed to balance light and colours etc.  Further processing can be undertaken (to remove unwanted objects for example) at extra cost.

Upon payment of invoice all copyright moves to your business.

Contact me now to see how we can develop an Image Bank for your business.

Case Study

Example images by kind permission of Axion Polymers, tell part of the story of their metallic waste processing plant.  In just seven photos a good overview of the process can be put together.  In total several hundred images were delivered from a one day shoot.